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Research shows that about 2.6 million youths die annually from drug abuse and other negative vices which makes it very urgent to raise a generation of youth who will grow deep in God’s Word through our Bible Quiz for Secondary Schools.

The Bible Society of Nigeria through its National Secondary Schools Bible Competition has been inculcating moral values in the youths. We can change the horrible statistics.

National Bible Competition

The average Nigerian youth is confused about what life got to offer and is in search for a meaning for his/her life. This search has driven many young people to all social vices and have their lives damaged. Engaging teenagers and youths with God’s Word will help them overcome social vices and restiveness thereby creating a better society.

NYSC Essay Writing Competition & National Symposium

Great ideas that can solve the problems of Nigeria abound in the minds of Nigerian Youth. BSN provides them a platform to express these ideas. This project seeks to bring together write-ups from young graduates (Corp Members) from thirty-six States in Nigeria and the Federal Capital Tertiary, Abuja. It is designed to analyse and proffer solution to the socio-economic and political challenges like corruption, nepotism, kidnapping , bad leadership etc. in the nation using both the Biblical and intellectual approaches.

Countdown to NYSC Essay Writing Competition & National Symposium deadline

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About BSN

Who We Are

The Bible Society of Nigeria is a non-profit-making interdenominational Christian organization whose sole mission is to meet the scriptural needs of every Nigerian in general, Christian Churches and Confessions in particular and to help people interact with the word of God. BSN is not a Church and does not have bias for or against any particular Church denomination. We serve the Churches by providing the Bible which they need in their task of soul winning. We are partners with the Churches in fulfillment of the Great Commission.

What We Do

The Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN) believes the Bible is for all Nigerians. Traditionally, the work of the BSN is to make the Bible available and affordable. The Society has come to see that provision of the printed text, however well-presented, is only a part of the task. To achieve the most effective and meaningful distribution, the BSN also recognizes the need to develop programmes, using all forms of media to stimulate and facilitate encounter with the biblical text in Churches and public places. We actualize our mission through five major functions, namely: Translation, Publishing, Distribution, Programmes and Fundraising.


You can be involved by choosing to be a donor or joining any of our membership categories. BSN Membership is one of the ways we raise funds to deliver on our mandates. Our membership categories amongst others are: Special Membership, Life Membership, Associate Membership, Bible-A-Month Club. Whether as a registered member or not, you could simply make your donation for any of our projects – Bible for the Blind, Bible for the Deaf, Translation projects, Our Write and Build for God (WABFOG) project aimed at building a Bible House for God.


2022 Winner of BSN Annual NYSC Essay Competition

Miss Kogi Myiriah Prudence won the 11th Edition of the BSN’s Annual NYSC Essay Competition in 2022. Click the learn more button to read her essay on the topic “Re-Engineering the Nigerian System for Sustainable Development.”


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